Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I Can Eat Again ... The Election is Over

Kudos to the Amateur Gourmet for reminding me of one of the greatest musical and patriotic moments of our time -- Whitney Houston singing the "Star-Spangled Banner" at the Super Bowl. Her passionate rendition of the classic stirs a thrill in my veins like no other song has -- a reminder that we can be proud to be Americans on November 5. While this has nothing to do with food, Barack's win signifies not only the returning of my appetite, but also the start of a new beginning. Fifty years ago, I would not be able to eat in the same restaurants as whites, drink their water or stay in their posh hotels. I wouldn't have been able to enter the same restaurants or go to the same gyms. I wouldn't be able to work at the same corporations. The Chef Jeff Project (my new favorite addiction) wouldn't be possible. And now a black man is the President. Despite my elation (and sleepless night) I know that the battle isn't over.

But this is a really good start.


Marv said...

I'm really glad you got your appetite back. You know, I think there is one Whitney Houston song that is more moving than her rendition of the star spangled banner if you can believe it. It's when she sang One Moment in Time at the Olympics. Now that was one moment in time where time came to a halt. I know I'm on all late to your blog page but it is really nice. thanks for letting me know about it. I might try some of those dishes. take care.

Whitney said...

HI Tiramisu! I love your blog! I'm an editor for sister 2 sister magazine and we're looking for a new food columnist...I wonder if you'd be interested? Please shoot me an email-reply to this comment, if so. Thanks!