Friday, June 13, 2008

Bug Appetit!

Squish bugs, squash 'em, yell at them, spray Raid like a maniac--but surely don't eat them. I must admit that after seeing a recent article about bugs being the new protein-packed cuisine--not to mention seeing photos of deep-fried scorpions, worm salads and chicken stuffed waterbugs, my stomach turned over. And over. But calling myself adventurous, I volunteered to see what all the fuss was about--and regretted it the minute I saw the scorpions atop a mini shrimp toast on my table.

Determined not to chicken out, I dipped the cake in the sweet and sour sauce and downed it--each bite made me wonder where the nearest hospital was, in case I needed a quick stomach pump. The scorpion appetizer was followed by Taiwanese crickets (never mind that they were browned and assuming the dead-bug position) which were stir-fried in garlic and chile peppers and had a french fry-like consistency. After the last cricket and scorpions were crunched and washed down by many chugs of Thai iced tea, I sat, waiting for the food to spontaneously come up. It didn't, but I wasn't full either.

The manager told us that crickets are their most popular insect dish. All in all, I had one thing to say about the whole experience--I could have had a turkey burger.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, they just look so much like scorpions, you can't even attempt to forget what you're eating! I love the crunchy texture of prawn tails, but part of the enjoyment is the flavour of the delicious prawn meat inside. What did the insects taste like inside?