Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Recent Love Affair

How three inches of carbs had me weak in the knees.
It stood looming before me--all I could think about in that moment. The fun voices around me lulled to a gentle Charlie Brown-mom sort of tone, and the fantasies of taking JUST one crisp bite dominated my thoughts. I was like Eve in the garden, lips poised to sink my teeth into the forbidden fruit.It couldn't hurt, I thought, who has to know?

I was obsessed with the bowl of tortilla chips sitting in front of me.

As my friends cheerfully dipped the crunchy lovelies into the red salsa, I felt like a woman scorned, the best friend instead of the leading lady. While I sipped water, ate cherries and pretended not to be affected, I was. Instead of acting out my fantasy and stuffing as many as I could in my mouth, I sat there brooding and left only to my sole desire: to eat a chip.

Back to my granola.

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