Saturday, July 26, 2008

Workouts and Wine Glasses

After the backbreaking week I've had, I only wanted three things by the time it was Friday: a tough Pilates workout, a good Bible reading and a glass of wine. In my fantasy life, I am a hot Parisian food writer who hits a cute bistro in a different arrodisement once a week. In the real world, I am a sometimes crazy writer/foodie who just got promoted to copy chief at a great (but non-food) site. Knowing my love for all things culinary, one of my coworkers got me a fabulous bottle of red wine as a congratulatory gift. I considered it a gift for surviving my first week.

This 2006 Gnarly Head Zinfandel was full and hearty on the nose and first taste but peppery and spicy on the finish. According to its maker, it is paired well with hearty pastas, chili and ribs. I disobeyed and had it with a piece of lightly battered fish, which gave me a slight thrill that I was bending the rules.

After the endorphins were high, the goblet empty and the last verses read, I went to bed relaxed, with the satisfaction that I worked hard and did my job well.

Perhaps all Fridays should be celebrated with wine.


ontay said...

love your writing...keep up the good work.--tay

ontay said...

what do u take ur pics with?

Pirouette said...

I take my photos with a Kodak digital camera.

Jhames Stewart said...

You're absolutely right, Tiramisu. All Fridays should be celebrated with wine. No, all weekends should be welcomed with wine. On Fridays, as soon as I get home from work, I get a recycled glass goblet and fill it with that bittersweet spirited beverage. Then, I go to my wife and share how my day went, as I watch her smile and laugh at my anecdotes. That's how I often spend my Friday nights.